Ski Lift Functions And Maintenance V2

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Edition 2
Author Selkirk College
Publisher Selkirk College
On Hand 220


Functions Maintenance & Regulations. Second Edition 2020

First issued by Selkirk College in 1999, the text book. Ski Lift Functions, Maintenance & Regulations, combined multi sources of information on ski lifts and how they work, under one cover. In March 2020 the newly updated second edition textbook was released and is now available through the Selkirk College bookstore.

This newly revised text: ?Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyors FUNCTIONS, MAINTENANCE & REGULATIONS. is now offered as a package of 3 separate books. Book 1of 3 Functions; Book 2 of 3 Maintenance; Book 3 of 3 Regulations.

New and updated information includes current regulatory references, new & updated? information on drive systems (prime movers and evacuation drives), detachable ropeway technology and carrier conveyor systems, wire rope applications and maintenance, drive control systems and safety circuits, and a new chapters on Passenger Conveyors. Also included is a companion guide, designed for use with the current CSA Z98-19 Code book as well as an outline of roles and responsibilities for Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyor owners, operators and regulators.

This textbook remains as a valued and one stop reference for those interested in learning the basics of Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyor operation and maintenance as well as the regulations that govern them.