Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Bookstore?

Castlegar Campus: The bookstore is located just inside of the Main entrance on the west side of the open common area known as the pit. See campus map here.

Silver King Campus: The bookstore/library is located on the second floor of the student commons building. See campus map here.

Tenth St. Campus: The bookstore/library is located just around the corner from the Tenth st. entrance of Patenaude Hall. For a campus map see here.

For more directions to campus see Contact Page.

How do find my textbooks?
Click here for details.

Does the Bookstore have used books?
Yes! We do carry some used books. We also buy used books back from students. See the buy-back tab for more details.

Does the Bookstore buy back used books?
Definitely. See the buy-back tab for more details.

Can you order a book that I don’t see at the Bookstore?
You bet! We will do the best we can you the best price.

What is your return policy?
Please see our Return Policy Page.

Do you carry departmental clothing?
We do not currently stock departmental clothing as we have a large number of programs will generally a small number of students. Although this is great for learning, it is less than ideal for carrying stock of departmental clothing. Instead, we offer a custom departmental clothing program. If we can meet minimums of a least 4 of the same product, we can put in an order. Through our vendor we can provide high quality garments (t-shirt, joggers, hoodies, sweatershirts, jackets, and more) in a variety of colours and decoration (including custom embroidery). Email the Bookstore Coordinator for more details.

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